Standards of Care

Why Choose The Vet Clinic?

The Vet Clinic is operated by VIP Petcare. Our commitment to you and your pet lasts a lifetime.

Every clinic is staffed with a Licensed Veterinarian. All services are administered under the direct supervision of a Licensed Veterinarian.

VIP Petcare has appointed a Veterinary Advisory Board made up of medical experts with a variety of backgrounds. This board is responsible for staying up to date on vaccination protocols and responsible recommendations, as well as setting the medical standards of the company.

We use only the safest, brand-name veterinary pharmaceutical products.

All of our clinic staff receive extensive and ongoing education and training.

The Vet Clinic takes your pet’s health and lifestyle into account before recommending or administering veterinary care.

Each and every Vet Clinic client has the right to speak to one of our veterinarians before deciding on the appropriate care for their pet, and they have access to all of their pet’s health records for life, free of charge.

No appointment is necessary!

We provide high value and high quality products and services.

Coming to a clinic is easy and efficient.

There are no hidden fees. We are very transparent with our pricing and explain costs to you up front.

We love your pets like you do!